Where are the social butterflies flocking these days, Sagittarius, and moreover, how quickly can you get yourself there? This Monday, February 4, 2019’s only new moon in Aquarius flaps its gossamer wings in your third house of cooperation, communication and close-to-home activities.

This lunar boost, which also marks the end of the territorial Earth Dog’s reign and the beginning of the convivial Earth Pig’s year, will rev your outgoing engines. Bundle up and explore newly opened venues.

You could quickly earn mayor status at a coffee shop, fitness studio or independent bookstore that feels like a home away from home. Your jetsetting sign has never been big on hibernating, anyway!

A short getaway, be it a road trip or a long weekend somewhere beachy, could revive your lust for life. This could also double as an opportunity to get to know a new friend-group better.

Invite them along on your jaunt and let the bonding begin. A stalled partnership or contract negotiation may pick up again early this week. Head’s up: It may involve writing, media-making or teaching a workshop—all things this third house new moon will energize.

Or take the reins on your own and sign up for a course on memoir writing, digital marketing or producing a YouTube show. You never know, Sagittarius: What starts as a side hustle could soon evolve into a publishing empire.

But do reserve some sacred time for your innermost circle. This Sunday, February 10, Mercury flits into Pisces and your up-close-and-personal fourth house until April 17—an extra-long cycle due to a retrograde from March 5 to 28.

In between your buzzy explorations, you’ll also crave small, intimate gatherings where conversations run deep and the connections are real.

Catch up with dear old friends and relatives who you’ve been too busy to make time for over the past few months—especially while Mercury is backspinning from March 5 to 28. The fourth house also rules women, and your relationships with female friends will be sprinkled with pixie dust now.

This Mercury cycle may also provide the perfect opportunity to get Maison du Centaur organized. Form follows function, Sag, so rather than designing around your printed pillowcases, start by downsizing, systematizing and putting like objects together on display or in storage.

If you spend lots of time reading or want to do more yoga at home, include this in your scheme. If you don’t feel like doing your own “KonMari” treatment, consider hiring a space organizer and maybe a bi-weekly cleaning service to help you keep things tidy during this busy year of hosting Jupiter in your sign.

Got a little extra coin? A Feng Shui consultant can help you keep the chi flowing and make sure you haven’t put your laundry hamper in your money corner and your treadmill in your love corner. Yikes!

Those kinds of ups and downs would just be unwelcome! Once your space is spruced up, slide a leaf in the table and host a dinner party for your favorite peeps. But don’t be too surprised if it morphs into a salon-style discussion or an impromptu dance-off that lasts until the wee hours.

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