Should you play it safe or dance a little closer to the edge? On Tuesday, June 5 seductive Venus in Cancer and your obsessive eighth house faces off with volcanic Pluto in Capricorn and your sensible second.

One minute you’re longing to feel rooted, the next, you’re restless and freaked out about being “trapped” by routine. Take those emotions to the gym or burn them off with one of your marathon urban hikes. (Just don’t stop to shop as you go.) What you need, once you’ve cooled down, is to formulate a savvier long-term plan.

Since Venus and Pluto are in your money houses, begin with your finances. Maybe you can’t shop with unfettered abandon at Whole Foods because you’re saving up for grad school or a mortgage. (At the very least, weigh that bag of organic peaches before you hit the register!) But simplifying doesn’t have to mean deprivation. Some luxuries might be paid for by bartering services or a work study.

Romantically, the Venus-Pluto opposition can leave you at the mercy of your libido. You don’t have the best self-control on the average day, Archer, but this is one week where you’ll want to stay miles away from temptation. An “innocent” thread with an ex could heat up into something far more nefarious.

If the coast is clear though, you’ll have a memorable entry for your locked diary near Tuesday. In a relationship?

Figuring out how to share resources might bring up some buried resentment and anger—but it’s also good to get it on the table. Just take a cool down break if tempers start to flare.

Wednesday’s quarter moon in Pisces can help restore equilibrium close to home. Take time to tidy up and beautify with plants, crystals and textiles. Feeling stuck or unmotivated? Try a little Feng Shui to get your chi flowing again.

Take a peek at a bagua map, then move objects around to shift the energy wherever it’s needed: in the corner representing your career, money or relationship. Pro tip: If you don’t want emotional baggage invading your romantic life, get those purses and suitcases out of your love corner!

You’ve got nothing to lose by moving things around, and maybe placing a more romantically symbolic object there. The fourth house governs family, so reach out to your inner circle to let them know they’re on your mind. If you don’t have time for a long text thread, get a lunch (or Skype) date on the books.

But come Thursday, a perplexing square between the Sun in your interpersonal corner and fuzzy Neptune in your emotional fourth house could make it challenging to get your point across. You might even swallow your truth because you’re afraid of hurting someone’s feelings.

But YOUR feelings also matter, Archer, so honor their validity. Just start by writing them in your journal or sounding them out with your therapist. Then, assess: Are you making any assumptions about the offending party?

While their actions may have triggered you, their motives might be pure. Same goes for simmering attractions. There’s no denying the heart, which wants what it wants. But how can you tell if the object of your affections is on the same wavelength?

The smoke-machine effect of a Sun-Neptune square can make it impossible to accurately read the tea leaves.

Relying on an unspoken allure or trying to intuit what someone else is feeling is a recipe for a meltdown. Coming out and asking under a Neptune transit probably won’t be helpful, either. Our suggestion? Try to enjoy the suspense, and wait until the weekend to broach the matter!

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