Ready for a breather, Sagittarius? On Monday, September 10, energizer Mars sails back into Aquarius and your cooperative, communicative third house. Between now and November 15, synergies will spark at every turn.

Explore! Tag-teaming with the right people can take so much weight off your shoulders. There’s a chance you already met some of these “missing puzzle pieces” earlier in the year, when Mars took its first tour through Aquarius from May 16 to August 12. But when the red planet spun retrograde from June 26 to August 27, you may have lost some of the initial momentum. Don’t dwell, Archer; just pick up where you left off.

Schedule coffee dates, discovery calls, Zoom meetings, whatever. But here’s an important rule of thumb: Work with experienced people, not novices. While you love to mold a talented ingenue, this can just leave you feeling spread even thinner. And good vibes are not enough—you need solid commitments from people so that you know that work is being handled.

The third house governs communication, and Mars could bring a wave of momentum for any projects involving writing, podcasting or media making. Nurture your hobbies by signing up for a workshop (or “playshop”). You might even be inspired to design one that you’ll teach yourself.

Be vigilant with your words for the coming eight weeks. With combative Mars in this position, you could step into troll bait by responding to someone’s Tweetrum or incendiary Facebook post. Keep it high vibes, Archer, and use your social media—and your local connections—to spread powerful messages.

With idealistic Aquarius energy spurring you on, you could inspire people to change the world in so many ways, like switching from plastic to compostable products to making your neighbors get to the polls for the November 6th U.S. midterm elections.

Tuesday could bring some financial breakthroughs as the Sun locks into a fortuitous trine (120-degree angle) with powerhouse Pluto. New ideas for making bank—and investing the cash you DO have—could crop up during a casual conversation or while you’re scrolling through your morning newsfeed.

See if there’s an event going on that can help connect you to thought leaders. Maybe it’s time to sign up for that industry conference or attend an after-work networking event this week. Bring cards and your can-do attitude, because a future strategic partner might be standing next to you at the open bar.

In love, boundaries could get blurry—or nearly non-existent—when Venus in Scorpio and your twelfth house of fantasy opposes rebellious Uranus this Wednesday. Common sense? Willpower? Gut checks?

Um, where did they go, Sagittarius? A charming raconteur may sweep you off on a fantastic voyage midweek, which could feel like a heavenly escape…in the moment. But if you aren’t careful, you might also get taken for a ride. (And, oh, the awful crash that can follow from these highs!) Single AND coupled Archers should keep firm limits in place.

This is just not the week to play with fire, or even try to get closure with that repeat ghoster. Certain attractions will never fade, even if they are unhealthy. Psychologists have a term for this: repetition compulsion. You may be drawn (compulsively and repetitively) to a painful relationship as you try to play it out with a different ending—which rarely, if ever, works. Instead of regressing, use Wednesday’s energy to be a romantic renegade, choosing to move in a completely different direction!

This is the first of three Venus-Uranus oppositions this fall; the pattern will repeat on October 31 and November 30. Instead of reopening old wounds, this may be your cue to do more healing. If you’re going to explore the attraction, do so on a therapist’s couch…not on your ex’s!

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