Scorpio, your mind is sharp today. Your thoughts have a lot of power, so make sure to use this energy wisely. Utilize this energy and you’ll be amazed at the results. Lady Luck will be on your side. Keep your mind active, don’t stop moving forward and exploring new possibilities. Get in the action with both feet. You will falter if you hesitate.

Today’s planet positions will provide a lot of energy and emotion. No one is more affected than you, Scorpio. This placement taps into your natural desire to care for others and will make you more attached to those around you over the next few days. To help dissipate the intensity of your intense emotions, try to get some exercise each day, preferably early in the morning.

You may likely feel intense today. If you’re able to take a date out, particularly a first date, you could find yourself in a difficult situation, such as when you’re unable to get along with your partner. Keep your eyes and ears open.

“It’s time to forgive yourself for the people who walked away. For the ones who didn’t fight, for the ones who made you feel like you were not worthy of being loved the way you loved others. It’s time to forgive yourself for the way in which you trusted, the way in which you let them leave fingerprints along your spine. It’s time to forgive yourself for unhinging your chest, for letting them leave their memories in your ribcage, for letting them take so much of you.”

Colors of the day: Dark Blue, Ivory

Lucky Numbers of the day: 3, 6

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: D, I

Cosmic Tip: Patience is not a virtue. It way of being.

Tips for Singles: Always step out of your comfort zone every day.

Tips for Couples: Plan activities that you never got time to before.

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