Fear of financial security may be a problem for Scorpio today. You might be dissatisfied with the work you have done and frustrated by delays in achieving your goals. You might doubt the motives of a friend and lose trust in them. It is important to take the time and look at everything objectively. It is possible that everything may not be as you think.

Today’s planet alignment will give you an abundance in your personal and professional relationships, as well as in your home. This energy can be used to resolve any issues you have in your house. You might need to examine your lifestyle and see if it is truly living as comfortably as possible. Are you eating enough green leafy veggies to maintain a healthy digestive system? This ‘spring cleaning’ must be done all year.

The planetary alignment could lead to confusion about which partner you prefer. This is a great dilemma. However, because of your strong loyalty, you are unable to deal with the problem. This is not a simple question to answer, but it can be answered if you ask yourself what you want from a partner.

“In Self-improvement, Everyone will have varying degrees of ability for their capabilities, and everyone has a passion for doing something they love in life. You must set your goals and develop a plan to pursue them one step at a time. Positive habits will always bring prosperity, no matter how slow you go.”

Colors of the day: Brown, Orange

Lucky Numbers of the day: 8, 9

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: K, D

Cosmic Tip: You always have a choice.

Tips for Singles: Give yourself the time your soul yearns to heal

Tips for Couples: Be the bigger person, instead of resorting to petty arguments

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