It is possible for someone to question your motives and wonder if you are a genuine Scorpio. You shouldn’t look at it wrong. It’s okay to not take all things at face value. Be sincere and follow through. Explain the situation to anyone involved if you are unable to change your mind. It will demonstrate that you are sincere.

You could catch a cold. Take extra care to prevent contamination. Wash your hands frequently and be aware of the things you touch. You can spread bacteria mainly through your hands so be cautious about touching your face with unwashed hands. Pay attention to others around you who are sick and avoid using a phone that has been used by someone with a cold. Knowing the transmission of infection is an important defense.

Romance can take a new turn in an educational environment or spiritual setting, with the help of today’s celestial energies. It is possible to get to know someone special who has been looking for them for a while. It not only confirms what you hope, but it may also help to set a date. Take advantage of the sunshine!

“No, they didn’t leave you because they didn’t love you. They left you because they didn’t love themselves enough to believe that they could be different.”

Colors of the day: Olive, Ocean Blue

Lucky Numbers of the day: 6, 1

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: A, V

Cosmic Tip: Don’t leave it to time.

Tips for Singles: Invest in friendship.

Tips for Couples: Talking about future plans is not a bad idea.

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