You may feel that your family and friends are not being able to understand your clear feelings and emotions and this may make you self-analyze yourself and also question your self-worth. Communication will serve to be the key and in case it fails then deter yourself from indulging in unnecessary banter as it may quickly escalate to a nasty argument. Emotions may be brimming today but do not let them get to you.

You may not encounter any such major health inconveniences but stress and hypertension from your personal life could make you go on a guilt trip and you may thus encounter some minor issues such as loss of appetite or headaches. Make sure you do not neglect your minor health problems and take care of your body. Indulge in some light exercises such as yoga or walks to keep your body moving and stay hydrated.

You may feel very low and intimidated by everything throughout the day, Scorpio but always remember that there are ups and downs in everyone’s life. Stop doubting or questioning your worth and just go about rectifying your weaker traits so that you come out stronger the next time. Give yourself a pamper session or treat yourself with good food or desserts to uplift your mood and spirits during the day.

“Conquer the angry one by not getting angry; conquer the wicked by goodness; conquer the stingy by generosity, and the liar by speaking the truth.

Color of the day– Purple and Maroon red.
Lucky number– 5, 9
Lucky alphabet– C, R
Cosmic tip– Everyone goes through highs and lows and it is just not you!
Tip for singles– Pamper yourself as good food may fix your spirits.
Tip for couples– Communicate to sort issues but restrict yourself from arguments.

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