Scorpio, Take one step today when you climb flight stairs. You could fall back down if you skip up the stairs two steps at a stretch. Rushing things will cause you to miss important steps. You must complete your job by making sure every detail is taken care of. Do not ignore details.

You might find it difficult to give yourself the benefit of the doubt. You have a natural tendency to judge others. Give yourself a pep talk and be kind to yourself. You will feel better able to support others when you allow yourself to be free. You can check in with yourself every day about the foods that are most nutritious for you, and how your workout routine is going. You will see a better long-term result if you make small changes that you are able to stick with than if your lifestyle changes become too complicated.

Today, you’ll feel the urge to be free. There are many projects and ideas that you want to pursue alone. You really need some space. You don’t have to make your partner feel bad. Explain that spending time alone will make you more comfortable with each other later.

“I am no longer afraid of the mess this healing will create. I am here to unravel. I am here to unpack these bones.”

Colors of the day: Sky, Blue, Silver, Gold

Lucky Numbers of the day: 4, 9

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: R, T, P

Cosmic Tip: The thing, which you feel like a struggle in life, is a new challenge that will open the door to success for you

Tips for Singles: You should not go and search for the love of your life. True love will find its way to you

Tips for Couples: Try to make all the fights and arguments with your spouse right because negativity ruins the relationship

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