Today, you may be doing routine work with someone you like, or as a volunteer. You will find that the day goes more quickly if you have lively conversations. The day could end with you looking forward to meeting this friend again. You will gain insight through your friend, and your work, into other people’s psyches, as well as your own.

You do not need to know about the current position of the planets. However, you can be fairly aware of all the details that affect communication success or failure. You might be interested in what you can do to make communication more efficient. Drinking water will help you be patient and slow down to see what is important.

Today is great for hosting a party and expanding your network. Today will bring a wonderful feeling of joy, harmony and buoyancy to all gatherings. Find that perfect person by developing your sense of humor. Go to places that allow you to relax and share a few laughs. You don’t have to stay inside and watch television.

“No one will ever fully be able to understand the internal battles you had to endure just to heal, just to grow, just to make it here today. Be proud of the way you fought to save yourself. Be proud of the way you survived.”

Colors of the day: Maroon

Lucky Numbers of the day: 7

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: M

Cosmic Tip: Know what you truly want.

Tips for Singles: Risk with your crush and see if you land somewhere.

Tips for Couples: Reveal yourself to your partner.

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