Today, Scorpio, you may find yourself in a challenging situation. You will feel this sudden rush of good emotion because you know you love taking challenges. You will realize that you perform extremely well when you are given a challenge. This day will make a permanent spot in your memory lane and you will be proud of how you performed today.

During this period of strong heavenly energy, you will be able to accomplish a great deal of good for people in your immediate vicinity. Make significant contributions to the planet’s well-being. You have a natural ability to relate to people and to elicit what they are thinking and feeling, and then to recognize the positive aspects of this. Make sure you eat a nutritious diet that is rich in fresh food to keep yourself feeling lively and ready to participate.

You are a very compassionate and emotional person who loves being in the company of others, especially your friends. You will have a good time with them today and relive your school memories. You will talk about your school crush and how you sometimes still think about them. You will get to know that your old school love has recently got married and you will be surprised to know that.

“The changes we make in life often happen when we have a degree of certainty. However, the pain of our past failures and the fears of our peers often fuel our uncertainty. This inability to predict the future is why people find themselves stuck and unable to move forward. They don’t want to feel the emotions of failure. They prefer to talk themselves into settling for an “okay” life, rather than the life they really want. However, failure is a matter of perspective! Is it not failure when you don’t take a chance on the one thing you need? There is no happiness in regret, staying safe or settling for anything less than what you can have through action.”

Lucky Color: Black

Lucky Number: 8, 9

Lucky Alphabets: P, N

Cosmic tip: Know that everything happens for a reason.

Tips for singles: Do not wait for love.

Tips for couples: Have faith in your partner.

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