You are a powerful person today. Use it well. Bullies are not something anyone likes. Do not resort to the old-fashioned grade school tactics. Make friends and not enemies. Instead of fighting with others, use your leadership and strength to support them. Be gentle with your loved ones. The volcano could erupt if things get heated.

When you sleep well, the rest of your life is better. We need to change our sleep habits so we can get good rest every now and again. A new bed may be necessary. It may be necessary to replace your pillows, and sheets, or find something that is warmer or cooler. You should strive to make your bed a comfortable place. You should have everything exactly how you want it. Rest is the most important aspect of your life.

If your relationship has been enriched by a lot of time spent together recently, it could be a sign that you both need to have some alone time. It is possible to recharge and reconnect with your deeper feelings and needs. You will be refreshed and rejuvenated when you see each other again.

“If an ant carries an object a hundred times its weight, you can carry burdens many times your size.”

Colors of the day: Purple, Off White

Lucky Numbers of the day: 6, 1

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: J, E, P

Cosmic Tip: Love the creator more than his creation.

Tips for Singles: Work on your skills

Tips for Couples: Day full of spark

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