Today is the day when you step out of your comfort zone. Remember that doing the things that make you feel comfortable will not allow you to grow and make your life boring. To get ahead in your life, you need to feel discomfort. You have realized this and now you are ready to make some much-needed changes in your life. The first step will always seem scary but you need to step on it.

It is the day to protect and pamper your body. Yes, you need to get your mind out of your comfort zone but your body needs some care. You have been taking your sound health for granted and it might show its consequences today. Remember when you ignore small health issues today they turn into big ones tomorrow. Do not depend on home remedies and take the advice of a doctor.

Due to planetary arrangements, you will be in a very cheerful mood today. You are in the mood of going out of your house and socializing. There are chances that everyone will be charmed and impressed by your flawless manners and behavior. Do not get carried away by the appreciation and forget about your major responsibilities. Try to maintain a balance between enjoying yourself and fulfilling all your responsibilities on this day.

Today’s Quote: “Letting go means to come to the realization that some people are a part of your history, but not a part of your destiny.”

Colors of the day: Red, Green

Lucky numbers of the day: 8, 5

Lucky alphabets you will be in sync with: O, P

Cosmic Tip: Small problems are much easier to manage than big problems.

Tips for Singles: Be considerate of others.

Tips for Couples: Stop trying to be each other’s “everything”.

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