The day has a great energy for you. You will be satisfied with what you have. You are feeling blessed with the kind of people and resources you have in your life. Money matters will be fruitful.

A friend of yours will inspire you to be mentally strong and stable. You have been thinking about something for a long time and now is the time to resolve all previous blockages. Your health will see much improvement because of this.

You will strike an intellectual bond with your partner or lover. You will connect with them on a mental level. The day seems good to speak and understand your parents concern. If you haven’t done it for a long time, today is the right day to do it.

“Quitting is not giving up, it’s choosing to focus your attention on something more important. Quitting is not losing confidence, it’s realizing that there are more valuable ways you can spend your time. Quitting is not making excuses, it’s learning to be more productive, efficient and effective instead. Quitting is letting go of things (or people) that are sucking the life out of you so you can do more things that will bring you strength.”

Lucky color – Pink and Olive green

Lucky number – 6 and 8

Lucky alphabet you will be in sync with – T and R

Cosmic tip – Let the bygones be bygones. Do not flip through the pages of history.

Tip for Singles – Stop looking for your soul mate. It will happen in its own time.

Tip for Couples – Grow together.

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