Today, you need to be in a positive mood, Scorpio. Focus on something that you believe is important. The day will be magical if you believe and encourage it. Believe in miracles, as your imagination can create something amazing. Look for the unexpected and new, as these times are rapidly changing.

There’s a sensitive part of your soul that many people overlook. With so much noise in the world, it can be difficult to focus on your own thoughts. Yoga is all about focus, especially the breath, and it’s easy to master breathing exercises, but difficult to maintain a regular practice. Your life will be more enjoyable if you have better control of your attention.

If you want to have an impact on your current or future partner, as well as loved ones, don’t persist with the same argument you’ve been using for weeks. To truly have an impact, the current celestial energy suggests thinking differently. Don’t be discouraged, the answers will come out of nowhere—thank goodness.

“When I ask you about your first love I am always secretly hoping that you will say your own name. Now, wouldn’t that be beautiful – to above else have a heart that was proud of itself.”

Colors of the day: Beige

Lucky Numbers of the day: 5, 11

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: J

Cosmic Tip: Concentrate and contribute to your wellbeing.

Tips for Singles: Cupid attacks individuals who are looking for love.

Tips for Couples: Spend some quality time talking with your loved one.

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