Your playfulness could get you in trouble. This attitude can be detrimental to someone who is trying to keep on track and takes things seriously. You may not be able to decide how far you want to push the situation. While you may be tempted to make the other person join in your adventures, it is important to recognize the importance of settling down and being serious.

Sometimes you just don’t have enough space to be yourself fully – that’s frustrating. You may be ready to shine today, but nobody gives you the spotlight. Pay attention to your own needs, even if no one else is doing it very well. Are there any concerns you may have that you aren’t aware of? You might consider a massage therapist for yourself.

There’s a strong sensation of being pulled by powerful emotions today. To stay stable, you may need to hold onto the rocks. This could put you in difficult situations. It’s possible that passion is at its core. This could mean your heart is being torn by conflicting and contrasting situations. Both of these are important.

“Embrace the entropy in life. You were bred from storms, that is why you are primarily water. You were created from white hot heat and from atoms that will never stop vibrating and shaking within you, so do not vilify your heart when it quakes, do not condemn your life when it surges and when it falls. Embrace its pulse, and the randomness of it all, embrace its disorder. Life is a mess — yes, but my god, is it ever a beautiful one.”

Colors of the day: Deep Blue

Lucky Numbers of the day: 7

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: S

Cosmic Tip: Discover what you truly want.

Tips for Singles: Take risks and see if you land somewhere.

Tips for Couples: Reveal yourself to your partner.

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