A strong romantic attraction could lead to artistic or creative inspiration. Today, Scorpio, you should feel passionate. Your passions will likely spill over into your relationships and into your work. You are likely to inspire others with your creativity. Superiors should be impressed by the work you do on the job. It’s a very sexy feeling. You’re ready to dress up!

You must be extremely careful with your energy and time. So often, you over-give to others but neglect to take care of yourself. Revert to your “child state”, and be more focused on you today. Exercise and seek professional guidance when needed. A healthy, homemade meal would make you feel great. Many organic grocery stores sell delicious meals you can take “to-go”. It’s easy to do it today.

The planets are encouraging you to look at the humorous side of an upcoming situation that you have with your partner, current or future. Although it may seem easier to be self-righteous or grandiose, this will only make you more alienated. You would prefer to see it from a humorous, positive viewpoint.

“Free up that heart of yours
Make room for new mistakes
Newfound hurts
Newfound wisdom
There are life-changing moments
just waiting for you to make a path,
to move beyond your comfort zone,
new moments,
longing to share the stage with that heart of yours.”

LUCKY COLOR – Navy blue and Grey

LUCKY NUMBER – 9 and 3


Cosmic Tip: Explore your true being

Tips for Singles: Show gratitude

Tips for Couples: Have each other’s back.

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