According to the Scorpio horoscope of the day, you will find today starting with a misunderstanding that could very well threaten your job or your reputation. You need to make sure that this minor misunderstanding does not escalate to something bigger.

An individual in your life whom you never trusted will be able to help you out of this mess. Be calm throughout.

Your allergies have been acting up again and you find yourself down with fever and a headache. You will have to take the medicines that will help you get better and it would be advised that you take better care of yourself by making healthier choices rather than allowing yourself to binge eat whenever you are stressed. You need to stop putting yourself in the way of danger.

According to your daily Scorpio horoscope of the day, you need to stop bringing your emotional issues at work. Just because you have a problem with one of your colleagues, you cannot allow your team to suffer for it and it is up to you that you make sure that everything goes smoothly and there is no need for intervention from your seniors, as per the daily Scorpio horoscope of the day.

Today’s Quote: “You are just as you are supposed to be. You are perfect even amongst all of your imperfections. As long as you maintain a thirst for life, a desire to work hard and live truthfully, and the willpower to grow and to improve yourself and to try harder every day, you are just as you should be.”

Colors of the day: Pink, Yellow

Lucky Numbers of the day: 3, 8

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with V, M

Cosmic Tip: Example – Your work speaks for your skills.

Tips for Singles – Meet new people and make new connections.

Tips for Couples – Seek counseling if you feel matters between your partner and you have gone awry.

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