Surprisingly, Scorpio are going to have an immensely busy, yet a fulfilling week. Work, the family, love everything will align just in time. It will make you able to support and follow each of them sincerely. Your dedication towards work, your commitment towards family, and your compassion for your lover will show you the strength of your abilities. This week, you will be good at multitasking.

Dear Scorpio, your inability to follow the proper timing for meals is going to take some severe turns This week. You will face problems related to acidity and indigestion for the above-said issue. You won’t be able to enjoy the sumptuous meals This week, so it would be better to give rest to your stomach. Also, keep a check on your sexual health.

You are a very dedicated artist. If not an artist, then you are a devoted personality interested in art and culture. This week, you might encounter a great opportunity that can help you to follow your dreams. You will feel encouraged to take the opportunity, and if you are ready to take the leap of faith, things might take amazing turns this time. You must not be afraid to take up the challenge.

Emotionally, you are very strong. The strength you are showing to fight against your vulnerability is tremendously good. However, you must not be hard on yourself. You are dealing with your demons all by yourself. But you must realize that you are not alone, and you can/ must seek professional help. Talking to them will ease your pain for sure. However, firstly you have to be gentle with yourself.

You are eager to plan a trip away from all the crowd and cacophony of the town. You were so excited about this trip with your friends and have already started making mental to-do lists and shopping lists long ago. Now it is time to make those things materialistically possible. You might feel crippled by your financial crunch, but it will soon get better.

Colors of the week: Brown, Golden, Green

Lucky Numbers of the week: 2, 9

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: B, S

Cosmic Tip: Hope, Magic, and Faith will keep you going.

Tips for Singles: Why waste your singlehood in sulking when you can have fun with your friends?

Tips for Couples: Do not neglect your partner, they need to be strong like you.

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