You are a combination of a logical mind and a crisp tongue. This skill has helped you in a lot of situations but might not do so this week because of your insecure nature. You need to go with the flow rather than opposing it like always. You will understand this week that ego is not helping instead experience is becoming the best teacher for you. As the week progresses you will feel more confident.

This is the perfect week to start a rigorous health routine. You need to realize that a healthy body helps you to live life to the fullest. Generally, you are a health-conscious person but from this week you will intensify your training. You are also likely to participate in a competitive sport and will receive positive results regarding the same. Your diet pattern might also be changed but positively this week.

You know how precious time is and this week you will use it fully towards achieving your professional goals. The stars are indicated that you are on the right path in your career. Success is not so far from you. You might consider taking the help of a professional consultant regarding your career as you are thinking of bringing some changes. A qualified professional will give all the advice you need to improve your career.

As the planets change their positions, they will make you feel relaxed and happy this week, Leo. You will notice that your emotions are stable now and you have achieved a vast sense of well-being. Your communication skills are at their peak this week and your self-confidence has not been so strong earlier. Make sure you use all of this to your advantage. Use this time to complete all those pending tasks you have been ignoring.

You might find yourself engaged in either your wedding preparations or the wedding arrangements of someone very close to you. It can be your cousin, uncle, or sister. You will be occupied with a lot of tasks on hand and most of them will be related to stepping out of home and buying necessary things. It will be better if you use your vehicle and take someone with you to save some time.

Colors of the week: Blue, White

Lucky numbers of the week: 6, 7

Lucky alphabets you will be in sync with Y, U, M

Cosmic Tip: Use adversity as an opportunity.

Tips for Singles: Do not assume the other person has the same feeling for you. Just go and ask that person.

Tips for Couples: Do not hesitate to talk about money with no ego clashes between you two.

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