You need to be on guard as challenges are coming your way. You will be assigned multiple tasks and will be required to overcome one challenge after another. You should focus on the tasks you are currently assigned. Avoid starting a new business or investing a significant amount of money in a business. You may incur financial losses, which will negatively impact your health.

Pay close attention to your body’s needs and requirements. Take your medicine on time and try to maintain a healthy diet. The benefits of exercise and meditation should not be overlooked this week. Health will be a major focus in the second half of the week. You may be susceptible to viral infections, and seasonal changes may make you fall ill. If you are dealing with heart or neuro-related problems, pay close attention to your health.

You will face certain setbacks in life, but don’t let yourself down. You shouldn’t succumb to failures in life but rather take them in stride and move forward with a positive perspective. You may not receive complete support from your business partners or seniors. You may also face serious accusations. These are trying times, but you should keep your faith and hope for the best. Patience and hard work will be key to success.

You will experience mixed emotions. There will be times when you are optimistic about your emotions and feelings towards your relationship, and other times when doubts and misunderstandings will arise. You must channel your energy into constructive thinking. There may be a situation where you and your partner may disagree, which could lead to a heated argument, so it’s important to keep control of your temper.

It may not be the best week to travel abroad as you will face several challenges. There may be difficulties booking your tickets or your visa may not be approved. There will also be challenges in your workplace. If you have a scheduled business deal to sign, it would be better to postpone it as the deal may result in significant losses for your company.

Colors of the Week: Chocolate brown, Grey

Lucky Numbers of the Week: 6, 3

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: S, B

Cosmic Tip: Keep your calm and remain focused.

Tips for Singles: Enjoy the solitude as it will bring you peace.

Tips for Couples: Try to be more understanding towards your partner.

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