This week, you should focus on all of your relationships with amiability and affection. After the first day of the week, love relationships will see a positive change due to the stellar influences. If you engage in socializing and use your communication skills effectively, you will be able to see some gains. Personal relationships may go through some problems, but these difficulties will help you grow in life.

This week, you will notice some health benefits. Stellar configurations are favorable, helping you to maintain a distance from major health problems. Minor health disorders like headaches, back pain, stomach ache, etc. can come frequently if you do not change your lifestyle. Dieting alone will not suffice; you need to stop being a couch potato and start engaging in more physical activities. Joining a gym or yoga class on the third day of the week is advised.

You will notice that your career is at the same old place and there is no progress this week. It is completely normal not to see any growth. Staying consistent in your efforts will let you see some positive changes at the end of the week. Your boss will appreciate your determination and hard work. You may get a load of work this week, but your good health will help you to complete it all.

This week, you will experience both positive and negative emotions. While changes in your love relationships will bring you happiness, relationships with others may deteriorate. However, you will come to realize that this is for your own good. Your career may not bring you satisfaction, but if you remain patient until the end of the week, you will see positive changes. Additionally, maintaining good health will also contribute to your overall happiness.

This week, you may travel a lot out of state for personal reasons. On the professional side, your colleagues may have the opportunity to travel out of the country, but do not be disappointed as you will get that chance too if you stay patient. Traveling with your family to attend an occasion may bring you the opportunity to meet a wonderful person. There is a chance that you will be able to renew the bond with your loved ones.

Colors of the Week: Charcoal grey, Sea green

Lucky Numbers of the Week: 4, 6

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: V, M

Cosmic Tip: Consistency will take you where motivation cannot.

Tips for Singles: Focus on your career instead of fooling around.

Tips for Couples: Try to understand the silence of your partner.

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