Did you forget to take two aspirins before going to bed last night? You may feel a bit foggy this morning, but that should clear up by mid-day. A friend or relative may give you some encouraging news about a situation that has been resolved. This good news can give you an extra boost of energy.

Today’s energetic atmosphere can have a tremendous personal impact. You will radiate more as you dig deeper to discover your truth. You may be a bit afraid to take risks and appear stubborn or selfish to others because you fear the unknown. However, you can let go of fear and allow yourself to discover your true self. If you can, try getting a deep-tissue massage. The journey of relaxation, free association, and self-discovery could help unlock what’s inside.

This day is full of unity and togetherness. Perhaps you have felt out of control lately and need some loving support. You might need to try to genuinely be kind to your partner, instead of pretending to be. Isn’t this a better way to be? This approach has plenty of benefits in the long run.

“When you are going through difficult times, remember:
you might have lost some major battles, but you survived and you’re still here.
That is a victory.
Show your happiness and celebrate your ability to go forward.”

Colors of the day: Light Green, Pink

Lucky Numbers of the day: 6, 8

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: A, P, Y

Cosmic Tip: Try to do something meaningful each day.

Tips for Singles: Find healthy reasons to stay single not because of insecurities.

Tips for Couples: Not all days in your relationship will be happy. So, if bad days come try to solve them together.

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