The Moon spends another day in your solar tenth house, dear Taurus, and handling your work or obligations is uppermost on your mind.

This doesn’t have to be too serious you’re likely to enjoy focusing your energies on work or projects that provide you with a real sense of accomplishment.

The strengths of the day tend to lie in a goal-oriented approach, and this can be especially welcome in a week in which uncertainty figures rather strongly!

Pacing yourself comes more easily than usual to you, and you may be attracting resources, support, or favorable circumstances now as others are drawn to you and your quiet confidence.

It’s a good time for emotional and spiritual growth, too, but even with these things, you’re inclined to take practical, substantial steps toward improvement.

There is peace in your kingdom again, thanks in no small part to the prudent way you are handling recent disputes. Nevertheless, if a certain higher-up is still acting a bit chilly, let them know you’re willing to keep the lines of communication open.

In the meantime, quietly celebrate your victory by encouraging others to thrive. Making someone else feel small only makes you look smaller. Suppressing the urge to gloat saves you precious time and energy.

In the lead up to his game changing return to Taurus tomorrow Uranus, the planet of surprise, synchronicity and the unexpected is spending his last full day in a nostalgic, reflective but also intuitive and imaginative part of your chart.

No matter how busy you are, it is important to spend time navel gazing, lost in thought or where you can let your imagination run its course. You are more likely to have eureka or lightbulb moments when you are not actively overthinking things.

Today’s Quote: “When you start to do the things that you truly love, it wouldn’t matter whether it is Monday or Friday; you would be so excited to wake up each morning to work on your passions.”

Lucky Numbers: 10, 26, 31, 33, 39, 43

Daily Compatibility: Virgo

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Good

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