We’d never accuse you of being oversensitive, Sagittarius, but beginning this Tuesday, March 5, you may just bristle at the minor things. Blame it on messenger Mercury, who is turning retrograde in Pisces and your touchy fourth house.

Not only will your emotions be extra raw until March 28, but your “translation tools” will be out of whack. Likelihood is high that you’ll misinterpret body language and take words the wrong way.

But even if someone IS throwing shade, restrict yourself from reacting! With Mercury Rx’s communication-skewering influence, eye rolls and comments muttered under your breath could do a world of damage to the trust you share.

When you feel attacked, you tend to hit back with a tactless takedown that’s literally “too true” and your fighting words could start a damn war. So do your best to stay out of controversial conversations and turn up the self-care.

If the source of stress is coming from within your abode—a partner, roommate or relative—your need for space is even more necessary. Home repairs may come to a standstill under this influence, too.

As much as you want to redo your interiors, wait until next month to reupholster the couch in purple velvet or tear up the bathroom. That said, keep the Hygge season vibes going strong, reuniting with loved ones for dinner parties, craft nights and reminiscing over a bottle of vino.

And start a Pinterest board! On Wednesday, the new moon in Pisces will spur your domestic dreams into some sort of action. Maybe this isn’t the best time for making a major move, but you can begin the research process. Collect wallpaper samples, explore different decorating styles.

After March 28, you might discover a genius way to fuse Old Hollywood glamour with Japanese loft design. (If anyone can hit that hybrid, it’s you.) If you’re in the market for a move, visit a few neighborhoods, checking out how you feel in the light of day and after dark. This additional research could introduce an expanded bevy of options—or simply confirm that your initial impulses were spot on.

This nostalgic new moon could inspire you to get back in touch with a beloved relative or female friend. Chances are, it’ll feel like no time has passed and before you know it, you may be picking out dates for a visit.

Another reason to downshift arrives on Wednesday when volatile Uranus shuts off its turbo engines and leaves Aries for good. Since 2011, you’ve weathered both excitement and drama in epic proportions—and it hit you everywhere from your love life to your career to your personal reputation.

While you could write a memoir on those eight years alone, at this point, you wouldn’t mind a little more serenity and stability. Breathe a sigh of relief, Archer, as Uranus makes a softer landing in Taurus and your systematic sixth house, where you can trade that excitement in for sweet security until April 2026.

But no resting on your laurels! This Uranian circuit will shake up unproductive routines and blow the whistle on less-than-salubrious habits. Of course, it’s tough to get yourself out of those well-worn ruts.

Work with coaches and trainers to help you redesign your workflow and build yourself back up to optimal strength. You’ll probably have to deploy some lifehacks to stay on point, like finding an app-based workout to do between gym circuits or while you’re on the road.

The sixth house rules helpful people, which begs the question: Is it time to hire an assistant or find support staff that helps take some work off your plate? You have a knack for seeing potential in people, and sometimes it actually works to enlist your savvy friend for a job she’s never done before but can probably figure out.

But as you move forward, you’ll also need to bring in people who have experience in the things you don’t—and who might even be BETTER at these things than you. Archers who are just breaking into an industry will win with humility.

If making coffee runs means having a bird’s eye view of an executive’s daily life, avail yourself as the office ingenue and learn, learn, learn. Your enthusiasm alone will score you points, and you’ll be climbing the ladder before you know it.

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