You have, for long, lived without any sense of excitement, Taurus. It is high time that things change. But who, if you not, is to make the first move? Singles might be planning to reveal the tales of their heart to the one they love and if you haven’t already, you might repent later. The new person who is to come into your life will bring in a lot of joy, something you have not experienced since quite some time.

You will hardly care about your health for now. You are at an all-time high energy and nothing will bother you when it comes to adventurous pursuits. The prospect of a new romantic relationship will overshadow the aspects of health. But remember, do not end up getting so exhausted and frustrated that you can not focus on other things because they too are important. Enjoy the moment and rest well.

The relationship that are looking forward do is not something you perceive as emotionally intense and that js part of the reason you so want it to work. But can a relationship sustain without emotional support? Clearly not. This association is going to become emotionally intense as time passes but your bonding will help each other transcend the petty concerns to arrive at a better understanding of each other.

“I am not sad anymore. I am not weak or tender or quiet like you remember because the second you said those words and closed that door, I sold my soul to the part of myself I had buried in order to love you, to let you touch every inch of my rotten body, for I wanted to be touchable and not so strange. Not so sad and tender, like I’ve always been, they say, so I changed.
And then your glances and words throwing knives with no return about my change of habits and ways of living, being, and I nodded and smiled, dying silently a little bit inside.”

Colors of the day: Orange, Violet

Lucky Numbers of the day: 7,9

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: D, H

Cosmic Tip: Do not miss out on the essence of life

Tips for Singles: What if someone were to tell you that your proposal is going to be met with a yes?

Tips for Couples: Planning a vacation for the future will be exciting for both of you.

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