The desire to take action on a project, new initiative, personal interest, connection, or studies can be powerful now, dear Taurus, and while yesterday you may have felt pressure to do so, today is better for easing yourself into it.

You could be feeling quite bonded with or inspired by a friend or group. Interactions can thrive now as you feel an intuitive or psychic connection to others. Collaboration in a group setting or simply enjoying activities with others can be successful and in focus.

Taking action or pursuing a dream can leave you feeling stronger and filled with purpose. Others might fuel your motivation to reach out and connect or to pursue something you’re genuinely interested in. You are both enthusiastic and sensitive, and this endears you to others.

You may wish you could don Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak today, for you don’t want to expend so much energy explaining your decisions to everyone. It’s even more draining if people are still encouraging you to take a different course than the one you’re on.

A puzzling conflict between your inner and outer worlds could entice you to say yes to others, while emotionally withdrawing and quietly doing your own thing. Your retreat is just a temporary tactic to maneuver in the direction you want to go. Claim your power and don’t look back.

While the pressure between income and financial forces hasn’t quite dropped back completely, what remains is less about the money. What is in opposition today are your overall intentions on the income and financial fronts, in a big picture way.

This is challenging a sense of what you really need in contrast to what you think you want. Money is simply a means to an end, with a chance today to peer behind the scenes.

Daily Numbers

2, 3, 9, 23, 40, 41

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