Just because your heart is feeling especially giving right now, Taurus, it doesn’t mean you have to give flowers to everyone you know. On a day like today, you should direct all of your tremendous love and devotion onto one person in particular. Make him or her feel like a vital part of your life. Make them realize how glad you are to be in their company and how much you appreciate their presence in your life.

You may be irritated by the judgments that your mind generates. Today’s celestial aspects urge us to be sympathetic with ourselves and others, but your sign is so devoted to fairness that you may find it difficult to be empathetic when someone or something is just “wrong” in your opinion. Take a step back and step away from this kind of scenario. Swimming is suggested right now to help you feel weightless while working off your tensions.

Your ideas may be scattered and muddled, Taurus, particularly when it comes to crucial duties. You must remain disciplined and concentrated, yet your mind may be filled with trivial talk. This kind of mental confusion restricts you in many circumstances, making it difficult to communicate your feelings. Ask someone who knows you well to assist you in making sense of these ideas. Communicating your emotions to the ones who would understand is all that you need today.

“When we stop blaming the darkness, or ourselves, for having been walking in it, and decide, instead, to thank the Light for showing us the truth of our actual estate… then we turn the corner in our work to awaken conscience.”

Lucky Color: Cyan, Peach

Lucky Number: 7

Lucky Alphabets: P, L, H

Cosmic tip: Just go by the day.

Tips for singles: Do not force anything.

Tips for couples: Have faith in your partner.

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