You may use many masks to keep peace and harmony, but this can lead to you losing touch with your true self and the truth of what you believe. You may find it hard to find the answer you are looking for because of friction between your vibrant, social exterior and your vulnerable, soft inside. The answers are within you. You can trust yourself to find the answers you need.

You might feel that your stress levels have been elevated for several weeks, and you are now seeing the signs. You should be proud of yourself when you spot this type of imbalance. It is an indicator that a person feels secure and can identify when they are not feeling themselves. Take a step back and look for the missing pieces. Are you unable to get enough sleep? Are you able to do a daily walk or yoga practice before getting to work at home? Do you think you might need more structure, such as a routine or daily walk, if you aren’t working and feel disoriented? You’re halfway to victory when you recognize something in yourself that isn’t working.

The current situation allows for an opportunity to have some important discussions with a family member. There is a risk that the discussion could become heated, especially if it touches on family issues. You can keep the conversation on good terms if you choose your words well and don’t get too heated.

“Life is a journey and while you move on, keep unloading your emotional baggage on the sides of roads. If you will not, this will get heavier and heavier and it will be difficult for you to move head in life.”

Colors of the day: Baby Pink

Lucky Numbers of the day: 1

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: L

Cosmic Tip: Do not take everyone for granted.

Tips for Singles: Do not harbor and keep bitter romantic liaisons with you presently.

Tips for Couples: Give your partner a little space to breathe.

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