The planetary atmosphere today will enhance your sensual nature. Be on the lookout for potential romantic partners. You may not have the opportunity to meet someone you like until the evening, but even if you don’t find a long-term partner, you can still have fun. Stay patient and keep your cool.

Today, you are capable of evaluating and performing fluently. Focusing on your own needs, and not those of others, will bring you the greatest benefits. You can decide what is best for you in each situation. Stock your home with nutritious foods to help you make good decisions about your diet. You can have a healthy diet with fresh fruits, vegetables, and expertly cooked tofu. Although these options require a lot of effort, the rewards are well worth it.

You can address one or more issues in your relationship today. It’s possible that you may react to certain situations the same way as you did in the past, even though the circumstances and people involved are different now. By changing your perspective and gaining clarity, things can blossom between you.

“However much you love somebody, you should always keep a part of yourself to yourself. Never give it all. You can never be yourself otherwise.”

Colors of the day: Red, Black

Lucky Numbers of the day: 1, 3

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: S, O

Cosmic Tip: Do not be harsh on yourself, good things take time.

Tips for Singles: Your wait to find your soulmate will go on for a bit more time.

Tips for Couples: You need to be grounded and be grateful for the things you have.

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