You are goal-oriented today and will not take no for an answer, regardless of the resistance that you face. Paradoxically, the more driven you are now, the more obstacles you must overcome before reaching satisfaction.

It seems as if you are on an endless roller coaster ride and you may quickly grow weary of being involved in one melodrama after another.

But it might just be your attitude that needs a fix. Every unstable situation should be seen as an opportunity and not a crisis.

Another square with Saturn is on its way and restrictions and obligations will make you feel suffocated.

As if you were chained to certain circumstances or relationships, it won’t be easy to move or make changes you wish to make, for as long as you don’t accept everything that’s going on as good for you.

An energetic boost is waiting just around the corner. Be thankful for your partner or any person who feeds you with love, devotion, or simple common sense.

The last full day of an old solar year is always a time to look back, reflect and appreciate the journey this has taken you on.

This year the lines between the past, present and future are blurred.

The Sun will return to Taurus to begin your birthday month and new solar year tomorrow, but new doors are already open.

At the same time, while this old solar year will come to an end tomorrow, this won’t close the doors to the past.

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5, 7, 15, 24, 33, 36

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