The Moon spends more time in your resources sector today, dear Taurus, and you’re emotionally invested in your personal affairs, money, possessions, and comfort levels.

You’re not in any mood for dealing with relationship problems, but the Moon’s opposition to Saturn today can pull you into them. You certainly need more time to yourself, and getting to a better balance is made a little easier with a new cycle beginning today. Until July 10th, paying more attention to your personal needs, pet projects, and healthy activities can be rewarding.

You might thoroughly enjoy saving up for something special, nurturing a business or personal venture, and enjoying a more stable, predictable life for a spell. Watch for a tendency to self-pamper with overindulgence. Otherwise, put the extra effort into making your life more comfortable and enjoy the benefits of doing so.

Your positive outlook may be hiding a deeper set of concerns. Your strategy of sharing lots of personal information could be a smokescreen to lure others off track. However, this tactic won’t likely work now as instant karma lurks in the shadows, ready to strike if you overdo your evasive maneuvers.

Although revealing your vulnerability is challenging today, it’s still smarter to acknowledge your shortcomings instead of sidestepping them. Keeping your words simple and to the point paves a road to happiness.

As Venus spends her first full day back in a nostalgic part of your chart, this is the start of your second nostalgic trip down love’s memory lane for the year. Venus had already spent two months here by the time she retrograded back out earlier in the month, with her last month in retrograde motion.

Venus knows this trip through memory lane like the back of her hand and with a chance for a do over you’ll know how to avoid the pitfalls and to seize the opportunities.

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