You’re in particularly good shape for communicating, learning, sharing, and connecting today and the next couple of days, dear Taurus. It’s an opportunity period for presenting your ideas, taking tests, and learning important new things.

People appreciate your advice, opinion, and mind right now. It’s also a good time for getting out and about, exchanging ideas and information, and positive news.

The Moon moves into your home and family sector this morning, and you seek out more familiarity, comfort, and safety. Even so, you are on board with low-key activities and conversations, and in fact, crave some mental stimulation.

We tend to think that what stops us from doing what we want or need to do is a lack of motivation. What really stops us is not making the choice.

Once we choose to do something there is no going back. Right now Mars is asking you to choose to fight for the things you deserve.

Whether it’s more money, a better job, the relationship you deserve or just putting yourself first. If you deserve it, it’s time to fight for it.

You might need to grit your teeth and take care of business today, even if that means the possibility of pleasure becomes unlikely. Although you’re often driven by very practical aspirations, you may have more esoteric concerns weighing on your soul now.

Sometimes, living with integrity is about doing what’s right for the greater good rather than only considering yourself.

It’s not easy to make a decision that leads to more work and less fun, but acting in accordance to your values reaps greater rewards over time.

Daily Numbers

15, 16, 21, 29, 39, 40

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