You encounter unexpected resistance today from someone you thought was on your side. You assumed that a close friend would be your biggest supporter and you might feel disappointed when you realize you’re on your own. Don’t waste valuable time or energy trying to convince anyone to return to your camp.

Emotional pleas or angry confrontations will not work out in your favor; instead, plan on flying solo for now. Your actions will reveal your unwavering determination; your integrity is your saving grace.

You may find it hard to stop the impending outflow of cash while shopping today, says Ganesha.

You aren’t the one to be dominated and God help anyone who tries to dictate terms to you today.

You may end up spending a small fortune, more than lavish to be precise, on the opposite sex today.

A bit of pressure at the right time can make all the difference and that’s the case for Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos. Mars’ move into his final week in your relationship sector was always going to come with a degree of urgency.

After five weeks in your income sector Mars is getting impatient and he’s determined to make these final seven days count. This is when life rolls in the roadblocks. Do you give up or smash through those roadblocks? While Mars is on board there is no choice, you fight on.

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15, 18, 19, 21, 23, 42

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