Uncertainties or ambiguities in your social life or about trying on a new venture can leave you feeling a little unsettled today, dear Taurus. Even so, new ideas and promises today may not have much permanence.

Of course, there is no real harm in dreaming up some ideas anyhow, unless you miss out on real opportunities in the process. Your focus can be diffused today, making it a less than ideal time to make serious decisions or to do important fact-based work.

You might have a hard time doing what you want to do, possibly because your support of others seems to take priority now, but draw on your patience and either commit to a roundabout way of getting where you want to go or wait for a better time to pursue your goals more directly.

You take pride in your ability to cut through the excess noise in life and determine where you stand, so you can figure out what to do next. Unfortunately, your current position may not be as certain as you wish while fuzzy Neptune is busy confusing reality.

Rather than performing mundane chores or developing concrete plans, give yourself the gift of dreams today. Although you are a down-to-earth Taurus, you still need time to let your mind wander.

Novelist Joe Meno wrote, “Imagination is a place where all the important answers live.”

Chances are the Moon’s visit to your relationship sector earlier in the week is still having an impression. Whether single, in a relationship or between relationships, the emotional responses triggered came with clues to amazing and exciting relationship developments ahead.

With that in mind you’re able to take Venus’ first weekend in your communication sector a lot more seriously. Where you’re going, open communication lines will be everything.

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