If something is making you feel tied down, under-stimulated or otherwise hungry for action, it’s your duty to heed the call especially if this desire contains the fire of romance.

Whether you’re looking for sexy escapades or an adventure of the heart, this is a day to take steps toward your next journey of love.

It’s a big decision to make, but you know you have the power to do whatever will maximize your passionate potential right now.

There is every chance that someone you encounter will prove tantalizingly attractive, and even remind you of a very special person you once knew and were very fond of, so if you decide to take this further, you certainly won’t regret it, and nor will they!

Be patient and keep calm, do not be angry about things that are not in your control. You are often inclined to forget that your impulsiveness is sometimes unreasonable and traumatizes others.

Prepare for a period filled with unpleasant emotions. Avoid criticism and analyze your own behavior.

Change and transformation may seem like slightly frightening and insecure concepts, but they can also start a new phase in your life. Do not hesitate, if it is in your favor to change your plans. Take measure of your words and actions carefully.

A development outside of your emotional world could boost your confidence wonderfully, and whether you’re single or attached, your usual sexy vibe could make you extra magnetic and alluring.

You could also feel more confident about what you can offer a loved one or potential partner – but could be inclined to do so on your terms.

You want to get something in place properly with affairs of the heart and although any list of demands you make are unlikely to be unrealistic or unreasonable, make sure someone knows exactly what you expect from them.

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