Your mind, soul and heart are all asking for a little bit of quiet, nurturing energy in your love life right now.

If you cannot sustain such a vibe given your current romantic relationship circumstances, consider taking a personal day where the only item on the agenda is taking good care of yourself, all by yourself.

Even though the ardent Aries Full Moon lights up your 12th House of Escapism, you must not neglect your health, be it physical or emotional, because romance can be a stresser, even when it’s good stress.

You might be keen to hide from any stresses prevalent in your love life as the Full Moon encourages isolation and retreat.

However, if you’re attached, then you could have a finite timeframe to keep thoughts or feelings to yourself.

There are benefits to taking time to reflect on matters of the heart alone before revealing what’s on your mind or in your heart but be aware of how the pressure to do so will probably intensify rather than diminish.

The Moon is in Aries and in your 12th house, it is also opposing the Sun in your 6th house. You are being asked to find out what your unhealthy habits that you tend to keep repeating in relationships are, in order that you can change them.

What matters most once you identify what those things are, is to take the action steps necessary in your day to day life with your partner that permit you to create new patterns.

So often we neglect the importance of putting in the necessary hard work and effort that all healthy and functioning relationship require.

Committed and fulfilling partnership is not all fun and games, it requires that both people are willing to put their energy and devotion into the relationship.


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