The week dawns with an important planetary PSA: Let it go! Yes, Taurus, we’re aware that’s not exactly the easiest instruction for your Bull-headed sign to follow, which is precisely why it’s so significant.

On Monday, September 24, the year’s only full moon in Aries illuminates your twelfth house of endings, transitions and healing. Bringing one of the best moments of 2018 to release something or someone that’s standing in your way.

Stepping away from a thing that’s been a part of your life is always a challenge, but it’ll be easier if you focus on all the ways it’s blocking your progress and everything you’ve sacrificed or lost out on as a result.

Think of this as part of your natural spiritual evolution and make “codependent no more!” your new mantra. You don’t have to go through this alone. The twelfth house rules teachers, guides and “earth angel” types who might present themselves over the next two weeks—but you’ve got to be open to accepting what they have to offer.

This is a time for internal reflection, so clear out some of the busyness of your schedule and leave plenty of white space to rest, meditate, journal or just be alone with your thoughts. It’s a perfect moment to do energy healing or work with another holistic practitioner. Concentrate on what you’re gaining, not losing, to keep your willpower strong.

Been talking a better game than you’ve been playing when it comes to your health and fitness? You can turn it around on Tuesday, when the vibrant Sun in your wellness center gets a dose of self-discipline from tough-love Saturn.

Part of the secret is not thinking about what you “have” to do or giving up, but rather, focusing on how much better/stronger/fitter you’ll feel if you make a few adjustments to your lifestyle.

Start off easy, perhaps by committing to a few hours of exercise a week and eliminating a few “bad” foods from your diet. (Buh-bye white flour carbs.) You’ve got more determination in your little finger than many people have altogether, so tap into that when you feel yourself getting weak.

Set some realistic goals and build in mini rewards for when you reach them. With the Sun in social Libra, you might want to invite a friend to be your workout buddy. After-work yoga followed by a gourmet veg dinner once or twice a week could be habit-forming!

Ready to blast out of a rut—and blow the hinges off some stale routines? Sunday’s the day to begin that, when transformational Pluto wraps up an exasperating five-month retrograde through your ninth house of adventure and global expansion.

Whether something external was holding back progress on a big dream or it was your own limiting beliefs, that might all roll out with the tide when Pluto resumes forward motion. You’re ready for something new, even if you’re not exactly sure what that looks like.

That’s the beauty of alchemical Pluto shaking things up in this visionary zone: You can stay open to different opportunities that come your way and check them out without having to go all in.

The ninth house is all about expanding your horizons—literally and figuratively—so you’ll get almost as much satisfaction from researching and planning a major vacation as you will actually taking it! Think outside your usual parameters, Bull. How about a writing retreat or art or music “camp”? Anything new, different and challenging will tick all the boxes.

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