Today you will find that you are ready to decide whether your partner is really right for you or not.

If he or she is the one, then you will decide that you`re ready to make this a long-term relationship.

You can go ahead with these feelings today as this is a great time for you to make relationship decisions and then move your relationship into a new period of commitment.

Someone you’re interested in may be taken aback when you announce your intentions in a firm and unsubtle way today.

You can actually use this situation to your advantage, if you choose to.

Remain honest and continue to assert your desires, advocate for your dreams and inform the person you’re dating of your passionate plans.

Your authentic communications will come straight from the heart and it’s up to you to convey them as best as you can right now.

If you sense something connected with your emotional world or a love relationship is taking you into unfamiliar territory or instilling a sense of unease, then this to be welcomed and embraced, not resented or feared.

Concealed within any feeling of uncomfortableness is a feeling of excitement – and you can trust it’s justified!

The Moon is in Gemini and in your 2nd house today, however it is also squaring Neptune in your 11th house.

This is emphasizing the importance of sharing common values, on a fundamental level, with your partner in order to have a sense of true closeness and friendship with one another.

It is also very natural that you will always have certain values, even if small ones, that you disagree on with another person.

In order to have a safe space for differences to coexist between you and your lover, it is is necessary to have some level of friendship be a foundation of your relationship.

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