Synchronicities abound today, giving you copious cosmic clues as to the direction your love life may want to take at this moment.

It’s like the universe is clicking into place to point you like an arrow toward the passionate potential that it wants to you experience at this moment.

Magic comes in the form of symbols on the sidewalk, words that wander into your mind only to be repeated by the one you love and songs that begin to play the moment you think of them.

Pay attention to this sexy serendipity right now, because it’s the whisper of the universe on its way to your heart.

Applying your legendary stubbornness to a relationship issue will only complicate matters.

A loved one might appear demanding on more than one level, but one thoughtless remark from you could turn a minor issue into a major drama.

Before you let an easily-solvable scenario turn into something unnecessarily bigger, remind yourself to count to ten before you respond and check in with your emotions before you speak.

The Moon is in Taurus and in your 1st house of self, however it is also opposing Jupiter in Scorpio in your 7th house of partnership.

This planetary configuration is emphasizing the importance of finding the balance between independence and closeness with your partner.

In order to have a healthy and fulfilling relationship, it is important that you know how to take care of your own needs and feel complete within yourself outside of your partnership.

This allows you to be more present when you are with your partner as you feel content within yourself.

This is a good time to practice learning when it’s needed to compromise and give your partner what they need and knowing when it’s necessary to focus on your own needs.

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