Are you holding on to something from your romantic past that’s collecting dust and creating stagnation in your love life?

While hanging on to memories is important, you may be clinging on to more than just your recollections at this moment.

If you believe there is something from your yesterdays that prevents you from fully embracing your passionate tomorrows, work on letting it go right now.

Having a conversation with the one you love can help you clarify what should stay and what should needs to be shed.

You might be surprised at how much harder you have to work than you thought you might to reassure a loved one or potential partner that you have their best interests at heart.

They might want reassurance about something you were confident was assumed and might also need to invest more effort than you believe is necessary to gain their trust.

Will all this be worth it? The more someone feels they can trust you, the closer a bond can become. All you need to do is remove assumption from the equation.

The Moon remains in Capricorn and in your 9th house today, and it is also trining Venus in your 5th house of romance.

This planetary configuration is emphasizing the beauty and magic that can occur when you are able to find a balance between the fun, light-hearted and romantic aspects of your relationships and the higher, spiritual and philosophical ones.

While yes, it is crucial that you and your lover experience a spiritual connection and have similar life views and beliefs, it is also just as important to have a strong sexual connection.

One cannot deny that we are physical beings and that that is an important aspect of our intimate partnerships and lives in general.

Having that connection with someone makes the partnership more fulfilling.

Also, learn how to recognize the connection between spirit and sex, because in reality they are actually not that separate.

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