When romantic fantasies start to overwhelm your reality, it’s time to lean in and attempt a purposeful paradigm shift in your mind and heart.

You know that sharing your feelings to the one you love may not be a straightforward matter today, however you’re eager to tap into your intuition and be authentic about expressing your passionate emotions in a truthful and accurate way.

You will make more progress listening to your inner voice than trying to make sense of your own logic. The heart is in charge right now.

Giving a loved one or potential partner space to express their thoughts and feelings authentically can transform a connection.

Seriously, this is a time to release the heavy stuff in a love relationship, especially if either or both of you have been focused too intently on the past.

Allowing a loved one the freedom to convey themselves in whatever ways feel comfortable for them means you’ll be granted the same freedom, and the most delightful sparks can fly from doing so.

Today your curiosity is aroused. New people or experiences seem to beckon in their very strangeness! Open yourself up to this spirit of inquiry.

The biggest mistake you could make under the current influence would be to close yourself off to something because it seems too odd or unfamiliar.

There’s a time and a place for everything, and right now, the emphasis is on venturing outside your comfort zone.

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