You’re a creature of habit, Taurus, but this week is all about detouring from your stock-standard routines. On Thursday, December 20, the Sun in Sagittarius and your eighth house of intense emotions trines Uranus and draws from a deep well of inspiration.

Intuitive hits and gut feelings will be potent guides all week. Give them as much weight as your practical mind will allow. While they might not make sense on lined graph paper, the higher wisdom will be impossible to ignore.

With both heavenly bodies planted in independent fire signs, put the focus on personal gratification while also considering the impact of your actions on the people you care about. Where do the two fields overlap?

That’s the sweet spot to aim for, Bull, without making any sacrifices to YOUR long-held dreams. The green-eyed monster could make a midweek appearance, but don’t rush him away without hearing his message.

Envy can be the best GPS when it comes to tuning in to buried desires. Rather than coveting thy neighbor’s “stuff,” how about remixing your own version—one with a sophisticated Taurean twist?

Early this week, meditation can bring some divine downloads so find a way to slip off daily to reflect and clear your head. A noon yoga class and some A.M. journaling can send you into holiday bliss with a clear head and full heart.

On Friday, December 21, the Sun sweeps into Capricorn and your ninth house of travel, expansion and higher education until January 20. If you’re heading home for the holidays, sign up for sleigh duty instead of tending to the wood burning stove.

Sitting still will be well-nigh impossible, even for your luxuriating sign. If you’ve been mulling over an invite to visit far-flung friends (maybe while the ball drops!), your fingers could reflexively double-tap on the “reserve now” button for a flight.

Or maybe a voluntourism sojourn would appeal to both your wanderlust and your goodwill. No matter your earthly coordinates, expansion is the name of your game for the next four weeks, making this the perfect time to play Dora the Explorer.

Even if your wings are clipped, you can start researching and planning a great adventure for when you do have free time. (Pro tip: Start a special savings account for the sole purpose of that journey NOW.) Close to home, mingle multiculturally. The ninth house also rules athleticism, so bundle up and get moving!

Rally your warm-blooded friends for a day on the slopes or snowshoeing. If you live in warmer climes, how about yoga on the beach or a day trip by bike? It’s also a great time to sign on for some advanced training or a degree program. Start filling out those applications—this could lead to a higher-paying gig in 2019!

If you’re still prepping for the holidays, pair up FTW this Saturday, when a full moon in Cancer bursts into your cooperative third house.

While you like everything “just so,” there’s no reason you can’t delegate aspects of your vision, especially to peers such as siblings, cousins and close friends. Let your sister hang the garlands and your BFF select the wine pairings.

Who knows? Their creative additions might actually strengthen your existing vision. Because the third house is your communication sector, this full moon might instigate some lively interchanges, including opportunities a-plenty to flex your flirting muscles.

But before you strategically plant yourself under any mistletoe sprigs, check those ring fingers and make sure you’re not wasting your energy on someone who’s already spoken for. And run (don’t walk!) away from any needy emotional sponges.

The third house is also your transportation sector, so if you’ve pushed that hooptie to the outer limits of its odometer’s capabilities, this full moon may finally inspire you to find a more reliable means of commuting: new car, bike, train pass? If you just need something better to do while you get around, download some edifying new podcasts.

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