Unsheathe your energetic sword and prepare to slay some dragons! You’ll be heading on a personal “crusade” and going mano-a-mano with some shadowy figures on Wednesday, February 13.

Make sure your emotional armor is a good fit because you’re likely to encounter some demons from your past along the way. You can chalk this up to the super-rare meetup of fearless Mars and revolutionary Uranus in Aries and your twelfth house of the subconscious and the dream world.

While these two heavyweights meet up once every other year, they won’t connect in Aries again for another 80 years. So even if this feels a little frightening, it’s worth accepting the challenge.

To really take this on will require courage, and if you feel like you’re lacking in that department, request assistance. No one is saying you need to do all of it by yourself! Recruit your BFFs to support you and, if there’s enough trust, share their feedback about what you’re going through.

This is a perfect time to work with a therapist (or deepen your “process” work) or a spiritual healer to safely shed these layers of fear or to work through old traumas. Stay the course, Bull. This one’s worth it!

You’ll have an energetic power surge the very next day as megawatt Mars charges into your sign on Thursday until March 31. Without doing anything, you may feel like someone has filled your tanks with rocket fuel.

This should come as a pleasant change since the action planet hasn’t visited your sign since March 2017—and won’t be back for another two years! Not sure what to do with all this energy? Start by taking stock of everything you’re in the middle of and what’s almost finished as well as any passion projects you’ve been dying to dive into.

uranus in taurus

Psychologically, it’ll feel good to tick a few big things off the to-do list so you can throw yourself into some personal preferences. Luckily, Mars brings his own supply of motivation, so you won’t have to jack yourself up artificially.

If you’ve exhausted yourself taking care of other people, this is your not-remotely-subtle hint to put yourself back on the priority list. You’ll still be there for your nearest and dearest; it’s just that you’ll also keep some of your best stuff for YOU.

And for the week’s headline news: Thursday is also Valentine’s Day, and with Mars in your sign and your ruler, romantic Venus, in Capricorn and your candid ninth house, you won’t be shy about expressing your desires.

Speak up and Cupid will have an easier shot at you. If you’re in a too-new-to-call-it relationship, being vocal and direct will help you find out in fewer heartbeats whether this person has keeper potential.

That’s not to say a discussion of possible kids’ names on the third date is in any way appropriate. Remember, this is a time to celebrate love and romance, not freak anyone out by giving them the third degree.

Baeless? Under this adventurous starmap, going out solo—and meeting fascinating people along the way—could be the best night you’ve had in ages.

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