This week is going to be great for you Taurus. This week would be filled with oodles of cheerfulness and along with this, your vibes will play a vital role this upcoming week as your infectious happy vibes would fill everyone around you with great motivation and cheerfulness. You will get great attention from everyone around you because of your vibes. Moreover, it is suggested to stay at the same pace towards your goals carrying the same vibe.

Dear Taurus, your health seems good for the week but you might get a headache because of the loads of work you have been doing lately. But, don’t worry as it’s a pretty normal thing. Also, it is suggested to keep up with your fitness regime along with the inclusion of a balanced diet. Moreover, it is suggested to increase your water intake to overcome the effects of headaches and fatigue.

This is a great week for you imbibed with great opportunities and you have the responsibility to produce the best out of it. Though you are great at your professional life and you believe in sheer hard work, as per the opportunities your way, you need to level up your game. All you have to do is to focus on smart work as well. And you will see things falling on the places where they belong.

Your emotional quotient is just fine dear Taurus, and that is the best part about you water bearers. You people are the owner of transparency just as water. You like to keep things transparent with everyone, be it your personal or professional life. This week might get overwhelming for you by the weekends but you need not be worried. The giver and the bearer is the Universe itself. So, believe in it and hence you are good to go.

Colors of the week: Pink, Blue

Lucky Numbers of the week: 7, 9

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: T, V

Cosmic Tip: Follow your musings, these are your callings

Tips for Singles – Self-love is the key to everything.

Tips for Couples – Show gratitude for the person you have in your life.

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