There may be romance this week as the week is likely to bring good news for Taurus. As you reciprocate on a mutually comfortable level, your close relationships will become more adjustable and acceptable. There may be a harmonious balance between you and your partner. There are probably spheres of happiness. Your relationship may be able to reach new heights with the help of planetary placements. Mid-week may see some disruptions, however. This may not stop you from enjoying some romantic moments with your loved one.

Some minor health problems may occur during the first part of this week. Seasonal health issues may affect you. You might experience an improvement in your immunity by the end of this week. To keep things under control, you must practice strict discipline in your diet and monitor your energy levels. After the middle of the week, you may find that your energy and strength have increased considerably. As a result, there should be no serious health risks associated with the phase.

Complex planetary energy will begin the week financially. You don’t want to commit hastily lest you invite difficulties in fulfilling the obligations you have acquired. Here, you may need to focus on making your system more efficient. Nonetheless, you may find all your problems best-resolved mid-week. Around the weekend, your financial status may flourish. If you are optimistic, you may purchase things for your family during this time but keep in mind the cash flow. Investing money in long-term deposits will be beneficial if you do by the end of this week.

You have to be emotionally available for your loved ones, listen to them. This week will be a roller coaster for your emotional self. It’s high time that you keep a check on them. Emotion can lead to making some decisions that aren’t really thinking, thus being cautious. Take out time for your emotions to flow whether it’s happiness or sorrow. By the end of this week, you can expect a piece of good news that will boost your emotions.

Colors of the week: Violet & Golden

Lucky Numbers of the week: 7 & 8

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: J & R

Cosmic Tip: Do well, earn well, and sweat well.

Tips for Singles – foster your other relationships well

Tips for Couples – Engage together in some activities to make your bond stronger.

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