Dear Taurus, behold what this week has in store for you and be ready to witness a series of fulfilling moments throughout the week. This week someone close, preferably your grandparents might visit you. You will have great fun with them and get a chance to return the favor. Also, try to follow your heart as much as possible this week to avoid the differences between heart and mind.

When the question of health comes to a Taurus native, they are supposed to be very careful about it. However, this week you might see some negligence in your health practices. But towards the middle, you will get back on track and resume your fitness goals. It is advised that you take your health seriously if you wish to have a body that is fit inside out.

Dear Taurus, This week will bring you several opportunities to showcase your talent and organizing skills to your seniors. You will get to train your fellow workers. Sharing your skills will gain you fame and help you to earn professional growth. This week also has monetary progress in its mind for you. Your stars will ensure that you do not miss any good opportunity of earning profit.

Taureans should expect a blast towards the weekend. You can be sure about the fact that your weekend has revelry and celebration in store for you. You will have no difficulty in being your true self and expressing your honest feelings to your partner. It is also a good time to be a good friend to your partner. They might need your wise side to help them out.

Colors of the Week: Gray, Pink

Lucky Numbers of the Week: 5, 9

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: A, S, Z

Cosmic Tip: Being truthful and forgiving will help you to stay calm.

Tips for Singles: You might get wrong hints from the wrong person, so beware.

Tips for Couples: A good time spent with your partner will resolve many unnecessary arguments.

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