Secrets and lies? Faithful or furtive? This week’s stars might bring a few skeletons out of somebody’s closet, Bull! With the Sun in your collaborative sector, you may find yourself working very closely with some people you don’t know terribly well.

And while there’s nothing inherently dodgy about that, thanks to el Sol’s tense square with expansive Jupiter in your uber-private eighth house, someone might try to extract some confidential info—about you or a mutual acquaintance. Tempting as it might be to let that juicy nugget out, keep it in the vault.

You don’t know this person’s true agenda, and you can’t risk important intel getting into the wrong hands. You might be seduced in other ways, too, since the eighth house rules passion and eroticism.

If you’re unattached, you might take a bite of Eve’s apple, but as alluringly luscious as it may seem, check for worms!

What feels like a tactful tryst could wind up being a dangerous liaison. Of course, if you’re unattached AND up-front about your desires before you act on them, it’s probably worth pursuing. But in the absence of either of those conditions, think twice.

Since neither Jupiter nor the Sun is exactly known for its discretion, what happens with this situation may not stay in Vegas. (Read: A trail of evidence could be left behind in your hasty wake.)

Attached? This is a perfect opportunity to, uh, expand your repertoire. Risk taker Jupiter in this sexy sector encourages you to test the edges of your personal comfort zone and see what might feel surprisingly good!

Careful where you swing that truth hammer on Thursday. You may be all fired up to give someone a choice piece of your mind—which would certainly feel good in the moment—but is it worth burning any potential bridges over?

Sure, you can fall back on the old “honesty is the best policy” rationale, but you need to be strategic, as impulsive Mars in your sign aligns with circumspect Saturn in your unfiltered ninth house. You might feel pulled in two directions, but censoring yourself may prove tricky.

Before you stick your foot deep into your mouth, conjure a worst-case scenario. Even if your assumptions and assessments are accurate, your boss, bestie or bae probably won’t appreciate being confronted about their shortcomings. (And it’s worth reminding you that communicator Mercury is in the middle of its retrograde…)

You can always put everything in an email—that you never send—or vent to a close friend or sibling. This can get you out of the mental loop and release the negativity that’s building up.

This “should I or shouldn’t I?” confusion may affect other areas this week as Mars and Saturn clash, leaving you uncertain whether to hit the gas or the brake.

You could also struggle to maintain momentum on something time-consuming. Rather than rely on caffeine, you may find it more helpful to stay focused on the greater goal—and the reward that awaits you when it’s done.

On Friday, the aforementioned Mercury retrograde will square Jupiter, presenting another awkward moment of whether or not to say something.

Dig deeper, Taurus. Are you trying to be provocative, or do you truly believe that a few well-chosen words could positively shift an interpersonal dynamic?

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