Give Team Taurus your undivided attention early this week, as the Sun winds down its 2019 visit to Pisces and your collaborative, tech-savvy eleventh house.

Before it blazes into Aries and your twelfth house of healing and completions on Wednesday, March 20, make sure everyone and everything is in place and on the same page. If necessary, hop up on the soapbox and deliver a motivational pep talk.

After that, your focus may shift to recharging your batteries and tying up loose ends before the Sun beams into your sign on April 20. Rest up, then clean up! Releasing things you’ll probably never use can open up blessed space, not just in your home but in your psyche.

Make a Goodwill run and gift valuable pieces to friends or family who will appreciate (and actually use) them. Did you inadvertently hurt someone’s feelings or neglect to appreciate them? Now’s the time for reparations.

If you were the one who was wounded, write a letter and then have a ceremonial burning, dropping the paper into a fire pit instead of the mailbox. But don’t play the victim, Bull! Is it possible you may have had a hand in matters?

If so (and if this connection is a meaningful one to you), extend the invitation for a heart-to-heart before April 20. Try not to overbook your schedule during this time.

The creative muse will be close at hand for the coming four weeks, so keep a notebook or recording device (phone app) on your nightstand. Divinely inspired and cathartic ideas could strike like lightning bolts while you’re meditating, sleeping or daydreaming on the couch.

Wednesday also features a full supermoon in Libra, which lights up your sixth house of health, fitness and daily routines. If you’ve barely broken a sweat or eaten any fresh produce since Hygge season began, this lunar energy can help you hop back on the wellness wagon and start taking phenomenal care of yourself again.

The two weeks following a full moon are the manifestation period, but this one comes with an even wider window of opportunity because there’s a rare and wonderful second Libra full moon on April 19, doubling the impact of your efforts like a two-for-one sale.

Over the next four weeks, make healthy eating and daily movement a priority. You might want to do a gentle detox, cutting out—or way back on—dairy, meat, alcohol and sugar. Learning to “trust your gut” and tend to its health is essential to keeping your immune system thriving, among other great benefits.

On Thursday, your ruler, ardent Venus in your future-focused tenth house clashes with self-sovereign Mars in Taurus, stirring up friction in your closest bonds. Your own self-directed passions could be at odds with your relationship requirements, and you can’t quite figure out how to balance both.

Have a gaze into Cupid’s crystal ball. How clear are your #LoveGoals? Whatever your relationship status, look ahead: How do you imagine this path playing out in the coming year—or in five years?

Single Bulls may realize the need for a course correction in your dating strategy. If you’ve been giving the randos significant airtime (perhaps because friends accused you of being too picky), start being more selective.

Conversely, that long list you carry might be too much for any mere mortal to live up to, in which case, you may figure out where you could soften a little (without sacrificing non-negotiable needs).

If you’re looking to shake up the status quo with your S.O., what does THAT look like? These are questions for you and you alone (well, and bae), but the clearer you are, the more manifesting mojo you’ll have at your disposal.

However, don’t spark a fight to create emotional distance. Instead, look within. Sometimes you have to go deep into your own shadow in order to come out the other side stronger and more independent.

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