Set your GPS to “due north,” Cancer! This Wednesday, March 20, the Sun blazes into Aries and your tenth house of success, getting you fired up about your ambitions.

Until April 20, you’ll have to swap those cozy, oversized sweaters for chic blazers—and if you have a spring break getaway planned, don’t leave your laptop at home. (But DO make sure any office hours you put in are #WorkFromPool.)

This annual professional tune-up can shift your perspective and set your sights on a higher goal, possibly something that feels a tad bit out of your reach.

If you’ve been worried about glass ceilings, develop a fast case of amnesia. You’re poised to smash right through those “barriers” and claim your rightful place among the movers and shakers over the coming month! Reach out to any helpful influencers in your database and let them support your ascent.

Don’t know anyone who fits that status? Show up at industry events and start mingling among the cognoscenti in your field. You might have to avail yourself as the happy helper to get a wing-tipped oxford in the door, but those are the dues you pay to connect with people who can support your ascent.

Also on Wednesday, domestic matters come into the spotlight under the glow of the full supermoon in Libra and your fourth house of home and family. You won’t want to stray too far from the tissue box as you share sweet and sentimental moments with your inner circle.

If you’ve been thinking about making some changes on the homefront, this full moon—which is followed up by a rare second full moon in the same part of your chart on April 19—could help speed the process.

Whether a move, reno or shift-change with roommates, la luna will illuminate your options. One caveat: With Mercury retrograde until March 28, you’ll need to research and inspect with greater care.

Get multiple bids before swinging any hammers, and have a lawyer review all paperwork before you sign your name to anything binding. One thing that’s sure for ALL Cancers? You’re ready to make your home your sanctuary.

The emotion ocean will be murky on Thursday as passionate Mars and his cosmic companion, hedonistic Venus, lock into a tricky square. If you take the plunge, be sure to bring your scuba gear.

With Venus in your eighth house of seduction, you’ll feel a magnetic pull toward mystery—and mysterious types. Find out what’s REALLY going on with that quiet and simmering soul. Coupled Crabs will be prone to probing a partner’s psyche, asking questions you never thought to broach before.

The answers could be surprising—possibly unsettling at moments—but try not to react to the words you hear. An exploratory conversation doesn’t force you to do anything…especially when it comes to any fantasies that arise.

Unless you’re both game, that is! Mars in your experimental eleventh house may throw a curveball into the mix. Be careful about what you share on social media—and if you’re going to text that photo of your naughty bits, make sure you’re firing it off to the right address!

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