The next several weeks might feel like one long, sexy playdate! Tuesday, March 26, marks the annual entrance of your ruler, vixen Venus, into Pisces and your engaging eleventh house, turning the spotlight to you.

No, Bull. You’re not imagining it: Every interaction will feel sprinkled with pixie dust and a little more exciting than usual. You’ll be voted “Class Flirt” without even trying. That’s just what happens when you relax and allow your natural charisma to shine through.

If you’re single, this is a wonderful time to meet second-date-worthy prospects. The more you socialize and the wider you cast your net, the better your chances will be. Accept all intriguing invites, including those that come through surprising channels, like community activities.

Because the eleventh house rules teamwork AND technology, two great ways to meet people are in group hangouts and online dating. But contrary to popular opinion, the latter is not only a “numbers game.”

With you in your magical glow mode, you’ll magnetize people to you. Even those dating apps will seem full of exciting potential (but DO keep your discernment operational at all times!).

If you’re off the market, you may not be able to NOT be flirty, but be careful that you don’t give a sincere suitor the wrong impression—and in the process give your partner cause to be jealous. Turn that hot-blooded sensuality on your beloved, clear out your evenings for the coming weeks, and let the mating games begin!

If you’ve struggled to tell a true-blue friend from a shifty frenemy lately, Taurus, here’s some good news. On Thursday, mental Mercury ends a nail-biter of a three-week retrograde through hazy Pisces and your collaborative eleventh house.

Even if your social life has been a buzzing hive of activity, you may have come home at night positively bewildered by someone’s inexplicable comments or behavior. (Hopefully you didn’t waste TOO much time scratching your head over that!) But now that the messenger planet is correcting course in this realm until April 17, you can shake off the flakes and hangers-on and “thin the herd” in a way that suits you.

This backspin may have wreaked havoc in your technical life, too, inspiring you to log out of your social media sites and go on a digital detox. This week you may rediscover the perks and even joy of being so globally connected. But this is a perfect moment to rethink how much time you spend on those websites and put some limits in effect, perhaps with a time-tracking app.

You’ll get back in your steady groove on Sunday, when high-revving Mars leaves your sign after six super-charged weeks, which were probably all kinds of fun—and, if you’re honest, a bit exhausting!

Now the action planet hustles into Gemini and your second house of work, security and money. Did you get a few exciting brainstorms when the red planet was in your sign? Now you can put the best of ‘em through a reality filter to see which are actually doable.

Crunch numbers, map out a production timeline and determine what resources, human and material, are needed. Mars can motivate you to work harder to raise your bottom line and save up for a big goal, which is great. But it can also drive up pressure and competition. Whatever you do during this cycle, aim to get more quality sleep—and stay hydrated!

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